Graceland Baptist Church
Saturday, August 30, 2014

About Us

In 1950, several men began a survey in the Lone Star area of New Albany and later rented a former donut shop on Charlestown Road.  Beechmont Baptist Church in Louisville assumed sponsorship of Graceland Baptist Church Mission in 1952 and acquired property on Charlestown Road.

In 1953 two portable buildings were erected. Pastor Elvis Marcum came in 1963 to a mission which was in a state of despair. There was little hope for a dynamic witness because of the heavy debt, the struggling leadership and the lack of recognition in the community.

In 1967 Graceland began attempting great things in the name of the Lord and seeing the impossible happen.  The church had a vision for the city and began
to reach across New Albany.  The pressures of the overcrowded services and the Charlestown Road traffic jams gave birth to the Abundant Life Community
in 1976 with the purchase of 80 acres off of Kamer-Miller Rd and the building
of a facility.
What was once a dream began to expand into a school, prayer chapel, bookstore, swimming pool, bus barn, a retreat center and retreat lodge with motel rooms and counseling center.

In 1999 the original sanctuary was damaged when the roof collapsed due to an ice storm.  After eighteen months of construction, a new Worship Center was completed.  In 2005, a three-year capital stewardship program called Next Step was started that allowed for the construction and renovation of a new state of the art children’s and youth facility.  Graceland’s heart for outreach continues to grow.   

God's vision for Graceland is to UPLIFT Christ and His people; to PREPARE believers for dynamic ministry; and to SEND them out in strategic mission.  These three key words - UPLIFT, PREPARE, and SEND build the foundation for everything we do at Graceland.