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The following are messages that have been presented recently at Graceland Baptist Church. Sermons are also available to purchase on CD and DVD at our onsite GBC Family Room.  

We pray that you use these resources as you GATHER together, that they will be tools to help you continue to GROW your relationship with Jesus Christ, as you GO out into world to share the message of Christ with others. Just click on the sermon title image to listen, view, or download the messages.

Life of Job, Job's response, adversary, pain and suffering, faith in trials, feelings vs. faith, Pastor Ray Green, Graceland Baptist Church Sermons

The Life of Job (Week 2): The Pit

Lead Pastor ray Green

Job's pain and suffering did not come in teaspoons but in oceans full! Have you gone through similar... and what can we learn form his incredible faith?

The Life of Job (Week 1): Who Was Job?

Lead Pastor ray Green

As we walk through the book of Job I hope we discover that "It's okay not to be okay." Jobs life was lived high despite all that he would endure. You and I were created on purpose for a purpose and God wants us to fly at such altitudes!

Explore God, know God, personal relationship, head and heart, believe and receive, John 1:9-13, Pastor John Stamper, Graceland Baptist Church sermons

Explore God (Week 5): Can I Know God Personally?

pastor John Stamper

God wants us to know He exists, but also to know Him personally through His Son Jesus Christ. We may know Him in our head, but He desires that we know Him in our heart (or soul) and that we would have a personal relationship with Him.

Explore God (Week 4): Is Jesus God?

lead pastor ray green

Jesus has a question for you... "Who do you say I am?"

Explore God (Week 3): Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

lead pastor ray green

Most of us would do anything we could to avoid pain and suffering, But there's just one problem... PAIN is part of life.  Pastor Ray gives us three biblical perspectives to help us understand God's WHY.

Explore God (Week 2): Is There A God?

lead pastor ray green

God may not have responded with a hand written note but He has given us lots of indications of His presence! "Since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - His eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen."

Explore God (Week 1): Does Life Have Purpose?

lead pastor ray green

Over the next several weeks we invite you to be a part of exploring God! Some of you are already exploring God... some of you are personally questioning things. Or, you may have someone in your life that needs to explore God, someone who is asking, "If God exists... what does he want from me? The question today is: Does Life have Purpose?

Life or Death, Fragrance, Good for the Best, Pleasing Aroma, Pastor Ryan Brown, Graceland Baptist Church Sermons

A Matter of life or death

PASTOR Ryan Brown

There is power in a fragrance and it can permeate throughout our very lives and into the lives of others. The question that we ask today is,"How do we spread the knowledge of the fragrance of God everywhere?"

Unfinished, GO to The Nations, Transformation, Ephesians 2, Pastor Ray Green

UNfinished (week 4): "Go... to the nations"

lead PASTOR Ray Green

If you want to live a transformed life, it begins inwardly. But as God transforms our life inwardly we are also called to GO outwardly to the Nations!

UNfinished (week 3): "Go... to our neighborhoods"

lead PASTOR Ray Green

We have been in this scripture (Hebrews 12) and it's been one of challenge and encouragement to say:"I am Unfinished, therefore we GATHER, GROW, and because we GROW we GO!" We GO to our neighborhoods... those closest to us!

UNfinished (week 2): "Grow"

lead PASTOR Ray Green

We are UNfinished therefore we also must GROW. This week we continue the conversation in Hebrews 12:2, keeping our eyes fixated on Jesus as we GROW through scripture, prayer, journaling, and in groups!

UNfinished (week 1): "Gather"

lead PASTOR Ray Green

As we GATHER this month we experience a conversation in Hebrews 12:1-3 where we are encouraged to run the race that is set out before us with perserverance, fixing our eyes on Jesus and not growing weary. Don't stop... we are UNfinished!

Genesis 11-17, ICNU, God's Handiwork, Do Good Works, A New Creation, Pastor Ray Green


lead PASTOR Ray Green

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!" 2 Corinthians 5:17

parable of the talents, entrusted, greatest risk, open hands, give an account, Pastor Ray Green

This Momentary Life (Week 3):

"the greatest risk is not risking at all"

lead PASTOR Ray Green

Today we look into Matthew 25:14-30 and find that Jesus shares a story of three servants who were entrusted with different amounts of "talents," each according to his ability. For each one of us in this momentary life, what risks has God put in front of you today that He's calling you to?

This Momentary Life (Week 2):

"check yourself before you wreck yourself"

PASTOR jon pearce

Jesus Christ gave a very important warning in the parable of the ten virgins. To check yourself and make sure that you belong to Christ, that you are now different, a new creation in Him. Are you foolish in your faith or wise?

This Momentary Life (Week 1): "The Wedding Feast"

PASTOR Rob tuma

The first message in this new series brings us to Jesus' parable of the Wedding Feast. Many want to be part of the feast, but they don't want to submit themselves to God's terms. There's a difference between believing in Jesus and really surrendering our lives to Him. How do you respond to God's invitation?

Luke 10:25-36, The Good Samaritan, Guest PastorChris Morgan

Luke 10:25-36 "The Good Samaritan"

Guest PASTOR Chris Morgan

God and Country, Blessed Is The Nation,  Pastor Ray Green

God & Country: "Blessed Is The Nation"

Lead PASTOR Ray Green

God & Country message "Blessed Is The Nation"

True Grit, Hezekiah,  Pastor Ray Green

True Grit  (week 3)

Lead PASTOR Ray Green

The final conclusion of a great 3-weeks focusing on developing TRUE Grit God's way!

True Grit "Refuses To Quit" (week 2)

Lead PASTOR Ray Green

We all have faced situations that seemed impossible. We say, "No Way" and perhaps Lord willing He is saying, "There is a Way!" King Hezekiah walked in a field where the impossible had just happened. You too can stand in that same field of victory!

True Grit "Takes Guts" (week 1)

Lead PASTOR Ray Green

How do you develop the kind of TRUE GRIT that's going to get you down the trail when things go awry? How do you develop the TRUE GRIT that glorifies God? Today we look at the original "John Wayne" named Hezekiah.

sacrifice, faith, on guard, courageous, strength, do everything in love,  Pastor John Stamper

"A life of sacrifice" Memorial day

Ministries PASTOR John Stamper

As we reflect on Memorial Day and it's meaning we are not only reminded of the sacrifice of many, but some very practical lessons and truths that are applicable to living a sacrificial life for Christ.

I AM, the names of Jesus, I AM, I AM, The Way, The Truth, The Life, The Vine, John 14-15,  Pastor Ray Green

I AM (week 7)  "The Way, The Truth, and The Life" "The Vine"

Lead PASTOR Ray Green

Humanity is invited into this incredible relationship where Jesus brings true "Life" and this brings glory to Himself as we enjoy this privilege!

I AM (week 6)  "The Resurrection and The Life"

Lead PASTOR Ray Green

God's Glory is more important than your comfort. It becomes more about His commission! We are intrinsically motivated to sacrifice as we become more aware of His sacrifice.

Mother's Day, motherhood, sacrifice, King Solomon, no perfect parents, Pastor Ray Green, Sarah Green

Mother's Day  "Celebrate  Moms"

Lead PASTOR Ray Green

The moment a child is conceived, a mother's sacrifice begins. Pastor Ray Green and his wife Sarah share with a panel of multi-generational moms who have seen different aspects of motherhood.

I AM, the names of Jesus, TI AM, The Good Shepherd, trust, relationship, to know,  Pastor Ray Green

I AM (week 5)  "The Good Shepherd"

Lead PASTOR Ray Green

In John, chapter 10, Jesus not only makes the point that He knows His sheep, but also that His sheep know Him. Jesus seeks a close and relational knowledge with each of us!

I AM (week 4)  "The Door"


The "I AM" statements made by Jesus not only bring clarity to His identity, they also bring us great comfort by understanding His true character.

I AM (week 3)  "The Light of the world"

LEAD PASTOR ray green

Jesus had a dramatic way of grabbing the attention of a crowd. The same God who revealed Himself throughout human history, and who has been known by those self-revelatory actions, is now revealing Himself yet once again through Jesus in John 8.

I AM (week 2)  "The Bread of Life"

LEAD PASTOR ray green

We want to do what we want to do. What would it mean to conform your life around Christ, the way you spend your resources, the way you spend your time, how you interact in your community, or the attitudes that we have?

I AM (week 1)

LEAD PASTOR ray green

The gospel of John was written with one goal: That people would believe personally in Jesus Christ and KNOW Him. Do you want to know the heart of God and who He is?

Easter, Power, Pastor Ray Green

Easter 2016 "Power"

LEAD PASTOR ray green

What would happen if we plugged into the Power of God? Would it just be a charge.. or TRANSFORM our our life, our purpose, and our eternity?

Relationship, Boundary Stones, Proverbs 22, shape future relationships, guard your heart, Pastor Ray Green

relationship rehab (Week 6) "Shape"

LEAD PASTOR ray green

We end our Relationship Rehab Series focusing on the question... what if we can shape our future relationships and they could be found life-giving? Could boundary stones help ignite and shape healthy relationships in the future?

relationship rehab (Week 5) "Stand"

ministries PASTOR John Stamper

In week 5 of the Relationship Rehab series we discuss ways to stand strong in our relationships and spiritual walk in times of uncertainty and challenge.

relationship rehab (Week 4) "Stewardship"

PASTOR Ray Green

What if you could view money differently? In week 4 of the Relationship Rehab series we discuss God's way of viewing the simplicity of stewardship!

relationship rehab (Week 3) "Sex"

PASTOR Ray Green

In week 3 of Relationship Rehab we talk about a topic that's everywhere in culture and it's one of the most powerful, life-giving, or destructive things in any relationship... and that topic is sex. We want to talk about sex because it impacts relationships so much that we cannot get around it since God's Word directly deals with it.

relationship rehab (Week 2) "Secrets"

PASTOR Ray Green

We've all felt the impact of poor communication skills and there is so much at stake in our relationships. In part 2 of Relationship Rehab we discover an essential to communication that literally impacts every area of our life!

Relationship rehab (Week 1) "Self"

PASTOR Ray Green

In week 1 of "Relationship Rehab" we learn there is one crucial question that change change our relationships.

Transformed, Gather

transformed Pt 5 "Go"

PASTOR Ray Green

Our vision at Graceland Baptist church centers around on word: Transform. We are invited  into a life-altering invitation that not only transforms our life but transforms through our life.
In 1 Thessalonians 4-5, our life is put into perspective in light of something much greater as we finish our vision series and strategy.

transformed Pt 4 "Grow"

PASTOR Ray Green

What are the essentials of growth in life? We find out as the Transformed Vision Series continues in 1 Thessalonians 3-4.

transformed Pt 3 "Gather"

PASTOR Ray Green

GBC exists to transform our neighborhoods, the next generation, and the nations through Jesus Christ. There is a transformational pathway that makes that happen. We unpack one piece of the transformational pathway journeying through 1 Thessalonians 2:1-16.

transformed Pt 2 "Vision"

PASTOR Ray Green

In week 2 of "Transformed," we share and discuss passionately pursuing the vision of GBC. We journey through 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 and discover God's dream for every man, woman, and child!

transformed Pt 1 "Vision"

PASTOR Ray Green

The first message in Pastor Ray's "Vision Series" which begins to lay the foundation of what the vision and mission of Graceland will be moving forward.

Transformational Choices

Resolution... Transformational Choices: "Choices Without Regret"

PASTOR John Stamper

Sometimes we don't make the best choices and decisions. How do we make choices... resolutions that reflect God's will and His Word? Romans 12:1-2 is a passage that gives us a grid in which we can use to help us determine His will.

Anthems of Advent

Anthems of advent (PT 5): "the wise men"

PASTOR Rob tuma

Sometimes the journey may not always turn out the way you planned. What we learn from a journey from the Bible that a group of 'Wise Men" took can greatly impact our lives as we seek too the Lord.

Anthems of advent (PT 4): "Christ"

PASTOR Ray Green

Christmas Eve Service. (live... not recorded)

Anthems of advent (PT 3): "Love"

PASTOR Ray Green

The very first visitors of Jesus Christ experienced something that forever changed their life. Luke 2:1-18 brings to light what changed their life and can change every man, woman, and child's life throughout history!

Anthems of advent (PT 2): "Joy"

PASTOR Ray Green

The focus of our second week in Anthems of Advent is JOY.  What steals our joy?  Matthew 1:18-25 speaks about what will steal joy faster than anything else!

Anthems of advent (PT 1): "Hope"

PASTOR Ray Green

What do we do when "Plan A" goes out the window? We can discover God's redemptive plan throughout history and how that His plan includes us as well! As we begin Advent, we begin with the prophecy that brings Hope in every single life!

Give Thanks

give thanks (PT 2): "living with expectation"

PASTOR john stamper

Elijah dealt with abandonment, isolation, and harassment. However, he stepped forward expecting God to move. Can you imagine what would happen if we prayed, ministered, and lead with that level of expectation? We would experience and encounter an all-consuming God not only in our lives, but also in our church, city and beyond.

give thanks (PT 1): "Contrasts in contentment"


Be content and want what you have.

Come As You Are

Come as you are (PT 3)


There are three sons in the prodigal parable. Jesus offers an invitation of grace and how that impacts our own story.

Come as you are (PT 2)


In Luke 15, Jesus tells the parable of the lost coin. There in that parable we find an unbelievable truth about our value and how it changes everything.

Come as you are (PT 1)


The gospel isn't for insiders. Jesus' heart wasn't for perfect people but for all who realize their absolute need for the rescue they can't get on their own.

Kingdom Come

kingdom Come (Pt 8)

PASTOR Ray Green

How should we respond when wronged? Matthew 5:38-48 carries the conversation of God's Kingdom Come in our lives.

kingdom Come (Pt 7)

PASTOR Ray Green

How much do your words weigh? A question we dive into when we take a look at Matthew 5:33-37. Jesus offers a challenge to let our words and promises be something more than just words!

kingdom Come (Pt 6)

PASTOR Ray Green

What happens when God invades our marriage and relationships? In Matthew 5:27-32, Jesus speaks to this and more.

kingdom Come (Pt 5)

PASTOR Ray Green

What is toxic, insidious, and the single most thing that can keep the church from accomplishing its mission? Learn more Matthew 5:21-26 as we continue the Kingdom Come Series.

kingdom Come (Pt 4)

PASTOR Ryan brown

God has the cure for all separation! In Matthew 5:17-20, Jesus breaks down the walls of separation and did the opposite of what was expected of Him. Jesus did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it.

A Radical Faith

The demands of the kingdom: a radical faith

Special Guest: PASTOR Bob Russell

There are two basic truths in Luke 9:23-25; one has to do with our belief and the other has to do with our behavior. A radical faith follows Jesus exclusively and a radical faith demands self-denial. Only when we capture the radical nature of these two truths will we be ready to face the spiritual challenges that we'll be facing tomorrow.

Kingdom Come

kingdom Come (Pt 3)


Could it be we have grown conditioned to an underwhelming purpose? Do we know why we are on this earth? These are some of the questions that are answered in this message.

kingdom Come (Pt 2)


What does it look like for a life to be truly impactful?  Matthew 5:7-12 shares the final four of the Beatitudes that inspires and challenges every person!

kingdom Come (Pt 1)


We think we must HIGH JUMP our way to God: With our prayers, our works, our knowledge, our life. In the sermon on the mount Jesus was trying to say...The way in isn't UP but DOWN!

Bold Crossings Series



Even great things can derail our life when they become our ultimate thing. Joshua 23-24 is all about a life that clings to the right thing.


PASTOR Ryan brown

There is a light that pierces through the darkness. Trust in the promises of God. Boldly face the doubt that you might have in your life, and claim your inheritance!



What are you facing? Is it insurmountable? The great news is prayer awakens our faith and leads us into Bold Crossings!



A better life cannot be found while choosing to stay in one's comfort zone; however, many endeavor to leave their comfort zones and turn back when they reach the bold crossing that awaits them. Find out in this message how to get to the exceedingly purposeful life God intends. 

bold crossings (PT 1)  


You are invited to a bold crossing! There is always something that stands in the way from where you are to where you want to go. God promises to stand and wade into the deep waters with you. Bold crossings are waiting and you're invited!

warrior series



What giant is standing before you today? For some of you it's the same giant that your dad, grandpa, and his dad faced. This is called a "Generational Giant." Do not give up hope. Your Heavenly father is calling you to stand up and Fight with faith... for your identity... for your family... your legacy!



Men... you are a Warrior... longing to fight for the right things... to live courageously... to say "I grasped the glory" in this life! Even more, Gods wants this for you, and your family. He wants the very best and blessed life for you! Fighting for your family starts with pursuing God, then pursuing your wife, and your children... Warrior, this is your day to say, "I will fight by pursuing!"

warrior (pt 1) "Fight For your identity"


Men identify themselves in two ways; present successes and by past failures. When we allow present success or past failures define us, it deters us from the life God truly dreams for us. If we want to become a true Warrior and fight for our true identity it's dropping to a knee and giving our life to Jesus!

Foundations series

FOUNDATIONS: 5 DOCTRINES (PT. 4) "Hope and jesus' mission"


We all have moments where we put our hope in something. We must remember there is certain hope to be experienced and foundational for our lives!



Ever struggle to trust or have faith? In uncertain times, we can live a life of faith. Faith... Unseen certainty in seen uncertainty!



Grace is a doctrine that is hard to grasp. Jesus explains this foundational doctrine in Matthew 20:1-15

Foundations: 5 Doctrines (Pt. 1) "God"

Senior Pastor ray Green

How BIG is your God? Because the size of your God determines the size of everything!