Graceland Baptist Church
Friday, August 29, 2014


Welcome to our New Media Center. 

The following are messages that have been presented recently at Graceland Baptist Church.  Sermons are also available to purchase on CD, DVD and cassette tape at our bookstore.  Messages are normally available online within 24 hours.  However, there may be instances when posting within the above time frame is not possible or a sermon is not available due to special circumstances. 
We encourage you to explore all of the features on our players.  You can download the sermon, the sermon notes, pop the player off the page or go "mobi" just to name a few.  You can easily subscribe to the podcast feed or share each message with your friends through social media sites with a click of a button! It's all under the "Menu" button or by navigating through the tabs under each player.  We pray you use these resources to continue growing your relationship with Jesus Christ and share the message of Christ with others.

Sermon Center