Graceland Baptist Church
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2014 Trips



Watch the church bulletin and announcements for informational meetings or contact the
team leader listed!

UKRAINE - Late Spring/Early Summer                                 $2500

     This group will be partnering with Kiev Theological Seminary Church Planting Department to
     work with college students, some of which are in medical school.  Great trip for college
     students, adults and medical professionals.

          TRIP LEADERS:  Melody Ragains,

                                      Becky Dorman,     


TULSA, OK - June 23-27                                                       $300

     Our high school students will be joining Christ in Youth's Engage summer mission experience
     to serve the community of Tulsa.  While there we will be working within the local school
     system to renovate and refurbish their facilities.

          TRIP LEADER:  Jameson Barker,


JOHNSON CITY, TN - July 7-11                                             $300

     Our middle school students will be partnering with Christ in Youth's Engage summer mission
     experience to serve the community of Johnson City.  We will be working on low income
     housing and renovating homes.

           TRIP LEADER:  Ryan Brown,


NOVI SAD, SERBIA - July 9-24                                            $2400

     Our goal is to connect with a local Serbian Church and partner with them in running a six day
     youth mentorship camp.  We want to build the Kingdom and encourage other believers.

          TRIP LEADER:  Rosie Bertles,


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - July 22-29                                       $1800

     This trip's purpose is to build relationships with a local church and pastor, help with a VBS type
     program for the children of the area, and aid in some construction projects.

          TRIP LEADERS:  Darryl and Denise Manias,


PINE RIDGE INDIAN RESERVATION, SD - July 26-August 2     $225

     Our trip to South Dakota is a great family mission trip.  The cost will vary based on age (the listed
     price is the adult price).  In addition to working with different native age groups, we will also
     participate in a traditional pow wow.

          TRIP LEADERS:  Melody Mattingly,

                                     Janel Kenney,


KOLKATA,  INDIA - October 9-18                                             $2500

     We will help teach leaders of house churches, teach English to mobile school children, paint
     murals, play sports, and possibly help teach sign language.

          TRIP LEADER:  Korinne NesSmith,


BAJA, MEXICO - October 4-12                                                 $1000

     This is a great global missions introductory trip for all ages.  We will be helping in multiple ways
     at the orphanage there, as well as evangelizing in the community.

          TRIP LEADERS:  Mac McLaughlin,

                                      Dave Lacure,