Graceland Baptist Church
Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pray, Send, Go!



Did you know how many of the approximately 16,400 ethnic people groups are considered
unreached? The latest estimates suggest that approximately 7,000 people groups are unreached. 
That means over 43% of the world's people groups have no indigenous community of believing
Christians able to evangelize the rest of their people group.  Over 41% of the world's population
live in these over 7,000 people groups.  (
As world Christians, we desire to see the glory of God and the truth of Jesus Christ spread
throughout every tribe, tongue, nation and people group.  He cares about our hurting world and
desires to do something about it!


PRAY for the world...
     Prayer is essential!  As the body of Christ, we can contribute to reaching the world for Christ
     by simply praying for the world.  There are many tools available for us to use:
  • Pray for missionaries:
               -Pray for GBC's members in the field. (click here)      
               -Pray for Southern Baptist missionaries.
               -Pray for Pioneers missionaries. (
               -Pray for one missionary each day!
  • Pray for the world through the news:
               -Read about what's going on in the world and pray for peoples and nations to come
                    to Christ.
               -Pray for the situations of those peoples - war, hunger, disease, etc.  Ask God to get
                    the glory.  View the world events through the eyes of faith.
               -Check out sure to check out the "new in picture" link by
                    clicking on the picture.
  • Pray through Operation World:
               -This book gives you information on how to pray for the unreached people groups of
                    the world, those who never heard the name of Jesus and have no adequate Christian
                    witness among them.
               -Another option is to go to
  • Use a world map:
               -Research what's happening in a country.  Pray for a new country every week.
               -Start a Global Prayer Group.
SEND out Workers...
     Currently, GBC has 6 member in the field with another 4 to GO to various parts of the 10/40 window. 
     As the body of Christ, we have the privilege of caring for their needs and spurring them on as
     they live on the front lines of the mission field.  This includes but not limited to giving financial resources.
     We can also be in position of encouraging them and providing for some of their needs (physical,
     emotional, spiritual) when they return on furlough or even while they're on the mission field.
GO to the Nations...
     You can be sent out by GBC to go to a part of the world that needs the gospel of Jesus Chris! 
     We would love to talk to you about your desires to serve and where God is leading you in
     reaching every people for His glory.