Graceland Baptist Church
Monday, July 28, 2014

Training Opportunities



Glocal Team leads several classes periodically through GBC's Life U on Wednesday nights:
     -Multiply (Currently offered) - Based on Francis Chan's book on disciple making      
     -Mission Team Leader Training - (FALL semester only) - class required to lead a mission trip
     -Radical Together - Based on David Platt's book living the radical Christian life together
     -Cross-Cultural Studies
     -Spanish for Missions
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
     -Currently being offered at Wesley Chapel in Floyds Knobs  (
     -This is a 15 week class with 15 different instructors designed around four vantage points
          or "perspectives" - Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic.  Each one highlights different
          aspects of God's global purpose.


Encountering the World of Islam
     -Currently being offered at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville (
     -This is a 12 week course designed to give a better understanding of the Islamic religion
          and the everyday beliefs of Muslims around the world.
Bible Storytelling Workshop
     -Offered periodically in the area (www.simplytell the
     -This workshop is designed to empower you to tell God's story in ministry across the street and
          around the world.  So many people today are illiterate and can best learn by oral methods.